Letter: Where was our biggest retailer at ham sale?

Dear Editor:

I noticed at the fair many local business people and individuals came to support the Ray County Fair. Several area youth participated in various competitions and events, and showed great talents with a friendly, competitive spirit.
One thing that I noticed was missing, however, was no presence from our largest retailer to purchase hams, sheep, hogs or cattle. There were no blue smocks in the serving line at the ham breakfast or farmer appreciation dinner. Maybe a few employees of the world’s largest retailer came out because of their Ray County roots, but none of the brass was anywhere to been seen. And NONE of the WM money was given in support of the youth participants. Giving a few gift cards should not be a way of thanking a community that spends millions of dollars at their store.
It was very nice of Richmond Apple Market to donate paper sacks with handles for people to carry their hams home. co-owner Bob MacDonald bought two of the hams and offered having their professional meat cutters slice everyone’s for free. I guess those who shop for groceries at Walmart they got their hams sliced there. Oh, but wait, they don’t have meat cutters. Hmm?
Bob Lauck, Richmond

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