KC company warns school board of roofing ‘scam’

By David Knopf/Richmond News

A strongly worded presentation by a representative of the Sellers & Marquis Roofing Company Tuesday prompted Richmond School Board to reconsider a plan for repairs at the high school and middle school.

Michael Pierce held nothing back in faulting an earlier presentation by Tremco, an Ohio roofing giant. Tremco has been accused, Pierce said, of circumventing public bidding requirements in several states with its “one-stop shop” approach. The approach incorporates Tremco supplying materials and handling an internal bid process for school districts and other public entities.

“I am the anti-Tremco guy,” Pierce said. “I’ll be very up front about it. They prey on small school districts by coming in and saying, ‘We’ll do it all for you.’ ”

Pierce said school districts wind up paying “three or four times for materials than you need to.”

Pierce said Sellers & Marquis has been in business in Kansas City since 1878 and that he has 37 years’ roofing experience. Pierce told board members he learned about the school district’s ongoing discussion of roof and budget issues through employees and relatives who live here.

The school board had previously listened to a June 11 presentation by a Tremco representative after the company was paid to perform infrared scans and visual inspections of the high school and middle school roofs.

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