Dance band Boomerz kicks off Ray County Fair


Friday, July 12

7:30 to 11:30 p.m., Kansas City-area band Boomerz performs classic rock and country dance tunes at the livestock barn of Ray County Fairgrounds

Cover charge is $5. Gates open at 7.

Food, water, soft drinks and beer will be available for purchase. I.D.s will be checked prior to entrance of barn. Public is invited to bring lawn chairs.



OK, it might be a little corny to say Ray County Fair is starting its eight-day event with a bang – or a boom. But fair board organizers are definitely changing up things with Kansas City-area band Boomerz performing on the first evening of the fair Friday, July 12, along with beer sales that evening.

Boomerz returns to Richmond after its first stint playing at this year’s frigid Mushroom Festival. Around 40 to 50 people braved near-freezing temps at Friday’s festival beer garden. But with the band’s large repertoire of dance tunes, maybe they weren’t cold.

“We’re excited to come back when it’s not 33 degrees,” said Mark Rezac, leader of the band.  “Being a barefoot drummer, it was little rough on my feet.”

Rezac said they had a great time with the festival crowd, and were told by them they would be out to see the band again.

Some of those folks must have told Robbie Williams, who’s coordinating the kick-off night of the fair.

“I had a lot of people request them because they liked them at the Mushroom Festival,” he said.

Rezac said his band considers itself a “variety dance band.”

“Our slogan, actually it’s a warning, says our shows have been known to cause uncontrollable foot tapping, head bobbing and booty shaking,” Rezac said.

The band likes to play songs that are danceable and recognizable, he says, in a rapid-fire succession. The also sprinkle in country into their play sets.

The playlist – to say the least – is diverse.

There are classic rock dance numbers, like “Long Cool Woman,” by The Hollies to new country anthems, like “Cruise” by Georgia Florida Line.

“We go from Elvis to Roy Orbison to Michael Jackson to AC/DC to Luke Bryan. It’s a long stretch. We try to mix and match that as best we can,” Rezac says.

The band – Rezac, Terry Viles and John Pierce – all take turns as lead singers and like to showcase their harmony, too. That’s why the Doobie Brothers and the Eagles are two of the band’s favorites.

Rezac says they’re not afraid of a little July heat. The band, which has been together since 1995, says they’ve played in several outdoor shows under pretty warm conditions. They’ll perform in the livestock barn at Ray County Fairgrounds 7:30 to 11:30 p.m.

Cover charge is $5. Gates open at 7.

As the band opens, beer will be available for purchase, Williams said, and I.D.s will be checked at the entrance of the barn. FFA will also operate its concession stand, selling hamburgers, hot dogs, water and soft drinks. Outside food or drinks aren’t allowed.

“This is for all ages, not just for those consuming alcohol,” Williams said.

He suggests concert-goers bring their lawn chairs and enjoy the show.

“People who missed the first time can catch us this time,” Rezac said.

To hear the band’s music, go to or to its facebook page.

 – JoEllen Black/Richmond News


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