Orrick musical catches educated eye

To the Editor:

Wow! I just attended the musical “In the Heights” by the Orrick Drama Club. It was one of the most impressive professional high school presentations I have ever seen.
Every person remained in character the entire play, and I did not see a single mistake. The scenery was great and the sound was good.
I hesitate to single out any special persons because the musical and performing talent was great for any size school, but very notable for a small school like Orrick.
However, I must mention two. Madison Winters was so unbelievable in her role that you forgot she wasn’t actually Nina and Mitchell Martinez was simply astounding!
So congrats to all and a huge tip of the hat to the directors, Jeff Mace and Jayson Moll for a production that I am sure both will always remember with a great deal of satisfaction.
As a retired speech/drama teacher, I know how much work goes into this. Congratulatons to Orrick schools for such a wonderful happening!

– Martha Trail, Gower

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