Thanks for the Hadocol story Jack, and darn if that stuff didn’t work, too

By Jack Hackley

Florence Williams from Richmond sent me a letter that I believe should be shared in full.

Dear Jack,
Before you read my story about Hadacol, I need to tell you “We share a special Friend.”  Don Coen and his lovely wife Ann of Lexington.  This is true.  I was a beautiful young woman, about 18, when I met and married a handsome man, some years older.  20 years to be exact.
My husband worked with a great bunch of carpenters and laborers.  After we were married for a couple of weeks, the wives all gathered and had a wedding shower for me.
Of course in 1950, it was not unusual for the men to drive the wives to their destinations, and of course they got to be together and have a beer or two and play horseshoes or maybe have a fish fry and play country & western music.
Well, anyway, I opened the gifts, for all to see, etc., and low and behold there was wrapped up, in the most beautiful paper, (probably the funny paper in The Kansas City Star) a big bottle of Hadacol.
There were laughs and fun poked and how did you get this beautiful young bride, etc.?  The day was such a joyous time of love shown.  I still have some of those gifts today.
Well about four years went by, and I didn’t see one of the carpenters from Carrollton, and Ike McCanless of Richmond was visiting up on the square in Richmond.
By then, I had three little sons and I remember they were dressed in little red overalls and white shirts.  Ike such a dear friend said, “Boy, I didn’t know Hadacol worked that good.”
So while the Hadacol Caravan was coming to the Brookside Stadium in Kansas City, we must have been enjoying the benefit of Hadacol right here in the little town of Camden. We lived there 60 years.
Most of those dear folk have since departed to their final resting places, including my dear husband, but when I read last week’s article and the box tops for admission to the show, it sure brought back some sweet memories.
I enjoy your articles so much. And by the way, I have some of Hank Williams’ records.  None are signed, though.  Just had to share.  Keep up your good work.

– Florence Williams

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