Reforming Medicaid would be in Missouri’s own best self-interest

To the Editor:

Missouri receives about $1.62 for every $1 our citizens pay to Washington. But if our legislators don’t reform Medicaid now, Missourians will pay more while many of our state’s uninsured go without health coverage. And, our Missouri dollars will flow to other states.
Acting now to reform Medicaid will make health coverage accessible for uninsured Missourians. It will also bring $15.1 billion in federal funding to Missouri through 2021 and it won’t increase the deficit because the reforms would be paid for with cuts to existing programs and new revenues.
If Missouri does not accept the federal funds, our taxpayers will continue to send dollars to Washington through new taxes on businesses and individuals, but funding the health providers will be drastically reduced. That will shift costs onto those who have private or employer-provided health insurance.
Please join me in letting our lawmakers in Jefferson City know we stand with them in making the smart decision to reform Medicaid.

– Robert Littleton,
Administrator, Ray County Hospital

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