Road crews more than earn their pay, win praise for a job well done

To the Editor:

This letter to the editor is being written with the hope that all those employees of the County Road District and the Missouri Department of Transportation who work together to keep our roads passable will see or hear about it.
As a person living two miles off Highway 13 on gravel, I would like to say “Thank you so much for the work you do to make our roads safe!”
This winter we have had some tough conditions for you to deal with.
When we have snow and ice followed by high winds it can be very easy to wonder why you don’t come to our road first with your expertise and skill.
However, it appears that Ray County is covered with many roads other than the ones I travel  and you do an outstanding job cleaning them up.
Thank you for all the sleep, dinners and events you miss while you are out doing your work of treating and plowing our roads.
I know this is your job and you are getting paid for it and I for one would like to say yours is a salary well earned!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

– Patricia Pierce

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