I can’t forget Pearl Harbor, Bataan

By Jack Hartley

I have received several responses on past articles.  My friend Weldon Woodward from Levasy said my column on the ex-mayor who drove from Oak Grove to Grain Valley going the wrong way on I-70 reminded him of a story about the woman who called her husband and said “Honey, be careful. It just came on the news some lunatic is driving the wrong way down the freeway.”  The husband replied, “It’s worse than that.  There are hundreds of them!”
Joan Bailey, a member of my church, said ironically a week before my article on gun control one of their friends said he thought the reason he was so attracted and enthused about firing the fully automatic AR-15 was he never served in the Army.  Her husband Roger was in the Army four years and has never had the desire to own or fire a weapon since.
Many of the responses were about my daughter-in-law buying a new Subaru.   Most of them were similar to the foreign car dealer who didn’t say where he was from but reads my column in the Moberly Monitor-Index.  He informed me the automobile market was world-wide and most foreign cars have factories in the U.S., just as the American automobile companies have factories in both Europe and Asia.
When I told him the Japanese were responsible for over a 100,000 U.S. casualties in World War II, he replied, “In the business world, the Second World War is ancient history, with few Japanese or U.S. military personnel who participated alive today.” He went on to say he was not a Subaru dealer, but with Missouri winters, my daughter-in-law had made a good choice with the all-wheel-drive Subaru and its excellent resale value.  He also corrected my article by telling me the Subaru she bought was not manufactured in Japan, but was built in Lafayette, Indiana by American workers.
Am I the only one left who remembers Pearl Harbor, the Bataan Death March, and would never buy a Japanese car?

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