Closing solid-waste districts makes sense

To the Editor:

Senator Kurt Schaefer of Columbia has proposed closing the 20 solid waste management districts and handing the reins over to the Department of Natural Resource
Residents and local board members have done a great job procuring money for recycling events, but the districts may be a duplication of efforts and more importantly, money.
According to Senator Schaefer, some urban districts pay themselves $440,000 a year in salaries and dole out $470,000 in grants.
In rural districts, it’s $70,000 in salaries and $75,000 in grants. I guess this is why past Lafayette County Commissioner Harlan Meiser was so gung-ho to get the district located in Concordia so he could get his wife a job.
As an old German saying goes, whose bread I eat is whose song I sing.  I hope that our new state representative, Glen Kolkmeyer, joins with Senator  Schaefer in saving the tax payers their hard-earned money.

– Holmes Osborne, Odessa

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