Aliff pleads guilty in vehicular death

By David Knopf/Richmond News

The defendant in the 2011 vehicular death of a Richmond man pleaded guilty Feb. 13 to two felonies. Robert Aliff was sentenced to 120 days of “shock time” as a first step in potentially serving consecutive seven- and four-year sentences.

Aliff was to be placed in a Department of Corrections institution treatment program, after which he’ll be assessed and return to court in Ray County.

The “shock time” provision falls under Section 555.115, a program in which a convicted person may receive court-ordered probation in place of the execution of the prison sentence.

However, the probation is only imposed if the assessment finds the defendant successfully completed his term of treatment.

Aliff pleaded guilty to a D Felony  – a reduced charge – in the death of Bruce Sodders, 59, who was pronounced dead at the scene of a two-vehicle accident in May 2011. Sodders was the passenger in a car driven by Gladys Stafford, who was hospitalized for injuries sustained in the crash.

Aliff also pleaded guilty to a C Felony, assault in the 2nd degree – operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, resulting in Stafford’s injuries.

He originally had been charged with a B Felony in Sodders’ death – Involuntary Manslaughter resulting from intoxication – but that charge was reduced in exchange for Aliff’s guilty plea.

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