Waterline work planned in spring with new hires

By JoEllen Black/Richmond News

Drive on nearly any street in Richmond and you’ll see squares on the side of the road that have been filled with concrete. It’s a tell-tale sign of a water leak that has been patched or replaced.

“We are so eat up with water leaks,” said Richmond City Administrator Ron Brohammer.

During the city’s 2012 fiscal year, city crews repaired 140 water leaks of a cost more than $30,000. Brohammer, who also serves as the city’s Public Works Director, estimated water loss of nearly 10 million gallons. To put it in perspective, residents use 825,000 gallons on average each day, peaking to 1.42 million gallons last summer.

The city administrator has plans this spring to move beyond repairs and implement a water line replacement program for specific areas of the city.

“We plan to hire three additional employees in March for a pipeline replacement, depending on our funding,” he said.


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