Rabbit Tracks: What me worry?

1.  I am a survivor.  I have managed to live through a number of Doomsdays.
2.  I wasn’t worried about the “fiscal cliff” because Congress and the President weren’t worried.  They all went on vacation.
3.  I had hoped to get a new bar of “soap-on-a-rope” and a shaving mug for Christmas.
4.  I used to make my co-workers nervous when I would walk into their office with a tape measure and start measuring their office.
5.  People say that they prefer peace over violence.  If so, why aren’t there any TV shows just showing cattle grazing?
6.  Does anyone really care if a 60-year-old woman swims from Cuba to Key West or a teenager sails around the world alone?
7.  If they hire armed guards in the schools, I hope that they do a very thorough background check on the people they hire.
8.  Walk through any Las Vegas casino at 4 a.m. in the morning and see how many happy, joyful people are there.  Most of them look pretty desperate.

– Bob Smith, RHS Class of ‘57

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