Rabbit Tracks: College prez turned out to be the real BMOC

It was my first year at college in 1957 at Central Missouri State College. Each year they had an election for the BMOC (Big Man on Campus).
The candidates were mainly from each of the fraternities.  That particular year, the GDI’s (G**D***ed Independents) ran a guy by the name of “Raunchy Pete”.
He name definitely fit. I don’t think he had taken a bath or shaved in years.
He wore an old Army field jacket year-round.  He also did not have much to say, except to grunt once in a while.
After they counted the votes, Raunchy Pete had won.
The president of the college overruled the vote and picked some fraternity guy as BMOC.  That was my first close encounter with democracy in action.  I guess that jaded my attitude about elections and politics.

– Bob Smith
RHS Class of ‘57

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