Orrick council approves law on drivers with revoked licenses

By Russ Green/Richmond News

Orrick City Council last week approved two new ordinances during a brief, one-hour meeting held at the Orrick Lions Club. The council approved the re-numbering of the ordinance regarding false reports by a 4-0 vote. By the same vote, the council approved an ordinance regarding operating a motor vehicle within the city limits while an operator’s license has been canceled, suspended or revoked.

City Attorney Kevin Baldwin continues to re-work the ordinance involving reporting nuisances. One of the changes in the ordinance calls for reporting a violation to a police officer instead of a health officer as stated in the current one. The city of Orrick does not have a health officer.

In other actions, the council discussed outstanding taxes –  $9,514 in real estate taxes and $9,879 of personal property tax. The city is preparing a list of individuals who owe back taxes and will give it to the police department. The police will begin writing tickets for those who do not have a city sticker and they will have to pay their taxes in full plus the ticket to avoid a court appearance.

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