Mom would’ve fed the pigs with what’s called ‘fresh bread’ today

By Jack Hackley

Everybody has a pet peeve. One of mine is not being able to buy fresh bread in the grocery store. Now that Wonder Bread is out of business, there are only three brands of bread in our two grocery stores here in Oak Grove, Mrs. Baird’s, Earth Grains and Sarah Lee. Young people today don’t know what fresh bread tastes like. When I was a kid, a loaf of bread might have a whole in the middle of it, but it was so fresh you could squeeze a slice and make a ball out of it.
When I checked in to the three breads available, I found that all three  were owned by Bimbo Bakeries, a subsidiary of Grupo Bimbo, out of Mexico. Mrs. Baird’s bread is baked in Fort Worth, Texas, and Sarah Lee’s and Earth Grain in Topeka, Kan. and Bellevue, Neb. When I explained to one of the managers in the local store the only bread he had on his shelves was Mexican bread, he told me they were baked in the United States by Americans. I, in turn, told him Spanish was the only language spoken when Grupo Bimbo Bakeries had its board of directors meeting in Mexico.
Before buying a loaf of bread I go through all the loaves and check the “Best By” date in order to get the freshest one available.
But I can see where by the time the bread leaves the bakery, goes to a distribution center, and then is delivered to the local stores – and you purchased a loaf of bread near the date they were suppose to sell it by – that loaf of bread could easily be over two weeks old.
If my mother had found a loaf of bread as old as what you now buy in the store, she would have thrown it in the slop bucket and fed it to the hogs.

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