Computer network dead at City Hall

By JoEllen Black/Richmond News

It was not business as usual for Richmond city employees who returned to work Tuesday from a three-day weekend.

Employees discovered they couldn’t connect to the city’s main server that operates its computer systems, including its accounting, billing and payroll programs and email.

“It was working fine Saturday at noon. It died sometime over the weekend. We can’t email. Nothing. The tech folks tried to repair it and resuscitate it, but it’s deceased,” City Administrator Ron Brohammer told the council.

A full replacement of the 10-year-old server was estimated at $10,000 to $15,000, according to the tech company, Brohammer said. A second alternative for replacement, which Brohammer recommended, was offered for less money. A server would be built to house the city’s systems and programs for $2,900, while email would be hosted on a remote site. The email service fee would be $7.99 per user, adding up to $1,400 annually for the service.

The council unanimously approved Brohammer’s recommendation.

The city administrator cautioned that the new system wouldn’t be up and running until Friday – a best-case scenario – or until early next week.

The downed server has had a crippling effect on workflow at the city offices, he said.

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