Safety measures in place, R-XI superintendent assures board, parents

By Russ Green/Richmond News

The tragic events last Friday in Newtown, Conn. were on the minds of the members of the Orrick Board of Education when they gathered for the monthly meeting Monday night in the school library.

Board President Art Endsley opened the meeting with a prayer asking for guidance to help the board to make good decisions for the school and to continue providing safety for the students.

“We put the children first,” Endsley said. “The children of our school district are our absolutely the most important things in our lives.”

District Superintendent Aerin O’Dell then addressed the board and a few parents attending the meeting.

“Parents don’t think anything about dropping off their kids at school and they shouldn’t have to,” she began. “It should be the safest place. It is in our thoughts all the time everyday.”

She added that the staff is always looking out for the safety of the kids and told of an e-mail she had received earlier in the day from a parent telling of how they entrusted their babies to the school.

“That really struck a chord with me,” O’Dell said. “Because whether your baby is 5-years old or 15, they are your babies. We take that responsibility to heart. They are our babies, too. They are our kids. I want to reassure everyone here. I was a classroom teacher when Columbine happened and I remember at that time, the administration here started taking measures for safety and with each year we add something to that.”


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