Richmond man charged with counterfeit $100

By JoEllen Black/Richmond News

A Richmond man was charged Dec. 18 for knowingly possessing a counterfeit $100 bill.

Joshua Dylan Grissom, 40, of Richmond was charged with forgery, a C felony, by Ray County Prosecutor Danielle Rogers. The forgery count alleges Grissom knew he had a counterfeit bill for the purpose to defraud.

Grissom was stopped by Richmond police around 1:45 a.m. at the intersection of Hill and Church streets in Richmond pushing a bicycle. According to the probable cause statement, officer Amy Sisson stopped him and asked Grissom where he was going, telling him she made contact with him because of recent thefts of license plates and break-ins at area storage units. Grissom said he was going to buy cigarettes. Soon after, Grissom emptied the contents of his pockets on top of her police car. Officer Jerry Folvarcik arrived at the scene at conducted a pat-down search of Grissom. In his report, Folvarcik said he detected the smell of marijuana on Grissom and asked him if he had any marijuana on him. Grissom told the officer he didn’t smoke marijuana and pulled up his pant leg and pulled a counterfeit $100 bill, saying “This is all I have.”

Grissom told police he got the bill from a friend’s house, saying the woman’s children were playing with “several $10 and $20 counterfeit currency” at her father’s home in Richmond.

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