I’m at a real loss when it comes to typing and no better at all on a computer

By Jack Hackley

I get letters from all over the United States, and also emails such as this one from Roger Fray:
Mr. Hackley,
I live in Iowa now, but I grew up in Monroe City and attended Indian Creek School (when there was one).  I also lived in Richmond for 11 years and was very involved in the community when there.  I spent a lot of summers working on my grandparents’ farm near Smithton, and my brother is a Vet in Boonville.
I still subscribe to the Richmond paper and always enjoy your articles.  So many of them remind me of similar stories growing up in rural Missouri!
Take care, and I wish you much good health.
– Roger Fray
I have been criticized for not answering my emails.  My excuse is I’m actually computer illiterate.  When I was in high school, they had about 20 manual Underwood typewriters.  I took the typing class and at the end, the teacher gave a speed test.
She called me in and allowed as how I was the first student in the history of an Oak Grove typing class to get a “minus” on the speed test.  I made more mistakes than words typed.  The following email may motivate me into learning how to type.
Dear Jack,
My name is Lynn Huffman.  I am the daughter of Gorty Aslin, 87 years old, an avid reader of your articles in the Dexter Daily Statesman.  He asked me to email you to let you know he also attended a one- room school house for the first eight years of his schooling with the same teacher.  The building still stands in the country.  It was called Liberty school.  He actually spent more than eight years because he slipped away when he was 5 years old to go to school.  He would very much like to talk to you about his experiences growing up during that era if you would be interested. Thank you for your time.
– Lynn Huffman
In case I don’t get better with a computer, always include your telephone number and mailing address.

Jack can be reached at PO Box 40, Oak Grove, MO 64075 or  Visit

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