Political accusations in mailing inaccurate

By JoEllen Black/Richmond News

Residents in the newly formed 39th House district received flyers in Monday’s mail accusing Democrat candidate Will Talbert of being twice delinquent with personal taxes.

The all-color flyer, paid for by Missouri Republican State Committee, alleges Talbert was penalized for failure to pay taxes, “yet supports the federal healthcare takeover” that contains numerous tax hikes.

The flyer cites its source as the July 26 Richmond News and Ray County personal property tax receipts the Republican committee obtained Sept. 18.

In the July 26 newspaper, the Ray County delinquent property tax was published. Only delinquent land property – not personal property – was published in the newspaper. Talbert’s property was not listed as delinquent.

Ray County Collector Margie Bowman said Monday Talbert has “paid (taxes) on time and never has been in the back-tax book.” In 2009, Talbert paid personal property taxes in February of that year, but that was considered current, she said.

Talbert said the reference to unpaid taxes might be from his purchase of farmland adjacent to his property a few years ago, where those property taxes were overdue. As part of the purchase deal, Talbert said he paid the back debt along with the land price.

McGaugh, the Republican candidate, said he was unaware of the flyer’s content.

“I had no idea. The first time I saw it was yesterday,” McGaugh said Tuesday. “They’re not asking for my approval,” referring to the Republican State Committee.


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2 Responses to Political accusations in mailing inaccurate

  1. Marcus Magee

    November 9, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    As you know this inaccuracy was proved to be accurate by Talbert’s delinqent tax receipts provided to you before the election. When do you intend to do the retraction of your original story to be fair?

  2. publisher

    November 9, 2012 at 5:16 pm

    According to Ray County Collector Margie Bowman, Talbert hasn’t been in the back-tax book, meaning being delinquent. She said although he paid his personal property taxes in February 2009, that was still considered current. He never “failed to pay his own taxes,” as the grossly exaggerated flyer states, according to Bowman.

    That’s a big difference, much like McGaugh being late in reporting PAC money to the Missouri Ethics Commission in the required 48-hour window – or not reporting it all.

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