Midwest Computech, Richmond Public School’s technology-services consultant, reports on problems, remedies

The following was included in packet material for Richmond School Board members at their Nov. 12 meeting:

Richmond R‐XVI School District Technological Timeline
October/November 2012

Re‐imaging project numbers:
 High School: 45 laptops have been re‐imaged with Windows 7 and Office 2010. 13 desktops
have been replaced with Windows 7 and Office 2010.
 Middle School: The computer lab has been updated with new XP images and more memory for
24 desktop computers. 6 desktops have been re‐imaged with Windows 7 and Office 2010. The
SPED department has 17 laptops re‐imaged with Windows 7 and Office 2010.
 Sunrise Elementary: 45 laptops have been re‐imaged with Windows 7 and Office 2010. 2
desktops have been re‐imaged with Windows 7 and Office 2010.
Total re‐image count: Issued to users: 107 laptops, 45 desktops. Actual amount of re‐imaged
desktops: 98.

Miscellaneous Projects:
 High School: Room 4 has been setup with Smart Synch software that allows the teacher to
control all the student desktops from the teacher computer. The music department has 4
laptops re‐imaged with Windows 7, Office 2010, and SmartMusic. All wireless points have been
enabled in the building.
 Middle School: The music department now has a wireless access point in the band room, as
well as a new desktop computer and laptop computer with Windows 7 and Office 2010. All
wireless points have been enabled in the building.
 Dear Elementary: The Dear computer lab has been re‐wired with 22 individual Ethernet ports.
We are in the process of re‐imaging computer for that lab. 4 out of 15 laptops have failed, and 2
out of the 6 desktops have failed. The lab has a requirement of 22 computers. We also need to
re‐enable wireless points throughout the building. As of now we only have two wireless access
 Sunrise Elementary: 3 smartboards and 1 projector have been setup in Sunrise. Wireless
access points are currently in place but intermittent and need to be replaced.
Issues and Concerns: During the re‐imaging project we are seeing a high fail rate with the current
equipment. For instance, in the High School we re‐imaged 45 laptops. During that process we actually
went through another 15 laptops that had to be replaced due to miscellaneous hardware failures. It
took 60 laptops to make 45 good laptops. This has been prevalent throughout the district. With HS
SPED, they started with 20 laptops and ended up with 15 good laptops. With MS SPED they started with
20 laptops and ended with 14 good laptops. The experience with desktops is proving to be similar in
regards to fail rates.

Some of the Current Hardware in Use:
HP Compaq dx2200 – Manufactured 2006
HP Compaq dx2300 – Manufactured 2006
HP Compaq 6715b – Manufactured 2006/2007
HP Compaq nx6325 – Manufactured 2006/2007

It would appear that a majority of the hardware was purchased around 2006/2007. We are seeing
around a 25 to 30 percent fail rate on the existing hardware. Based on the fail rate it is hard to give solid
numbers and timelines on how long it takes to re‐image and deploy computers throughout the district.

We are currently replacing the older desktops with the following computers:
HP Compaq dc5800 – Manufactured 2007/2008
The hardware that our Lightspeed firewall/content filter runs on is failing and needs to be replaced.

Because of this we are having intermittent issues with email being blocked randomly as well as websites
being randomly blocked. A couple of weeks ago one of the internal network cards had to be replaced.
We are now seeing the same behavior on the replacement network card. This implies an overall server
hardware failure. The Lightspeed server was completely reloaded over a weekend, with no
improvement after a fresh install.
Lightspeed server is running on HP Proliant DL320 – Manufactured 2005/2006

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