Former RHS teacher charged with sexual misconduct

By JoEllen Black/Richmond News

A former Richmond High School teacher was charged with two counts of third-degree sexual misconduct by Ray County Prosecutor Danielle Rogers Oct. 24.

Cody Joe Evans, 25, of Kansas City, Mo. allegedly sent numerous sexual text messages to two female high school students using the Google Voice application to create a fake phone number, according to court documents. Evans used the fake number to disguise himself as a high school senior boy. According to court documents, the calls occurred in April 2012 during the 2011-12 school year.

In his probable-cause statement, Richmond Police Detective Scott Bagley said school district administrators discovered the sexual text messages only after interviewing Evans about another incident with a female student, where they were playing “Draw Something,” a phone-based drawing and guessing game. In his statement to school administration, Evans also admitted using a Google phone number for two weeks, saying a female student asked him to “message her and mess with her.”

After reading Evans’ first statement, school administrators then asked him about the text messages with the Google phone number.





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