Spartanalia exhibit: Just like is was yesterday

The exhibit of Richmond High School memorabilia will be open tonight (Thursday) from 5 to 7 p.m. and again on Tuesday, Oct. 23, also from 5 to 7. (Photo by David Knopf/Richmond News)

By David Knopf, News Editor

I’m a sucker for memorabilia, so even this DeWitt Clinton High School Class of ’66 grad was drawn to the Spartanalia exhibit at the Friends Gallery on Camden Street.
Designed by Sherry Smith with assistance and input from many – Max Hockemeier, Billie Hamann, Bonnie George, Lesley Green, Pat Thompson and Leslyn Farmer – the exhibit of Richmond High School memories covers the walls with an art-gallery-quality tribute to the community’s shared past.
I was drawn to many things, but the photo of a Nov. 30, 1896 Foot Ball Special train that carried the RHS band to Trenton was a highlight. There’s a mix of things old and new, and a 2010 photo of four Spartan football players heading to midfield for the coin toss – holding hands as a sign of team unity – spoke volumes about the close bond of the 2010 State Champs and the championship game in St. Louis.
The gallery is filled with photos, old uniforms and letter jackets, game balls, yearbooks, programs, rosters and other artifacts from the distant and recent past.
Football fans will enjoy the photos of teams from 1913 and 1916, when helmets were leather and face guards were a thing of the future. If an out-of-towner can enjoy something like this as much as I did, I can’t imagine how an RHS grad

would feel.

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