Presidential election offers clear choice for nation’s veterans, spending priorities

To the Editor:

Choices we make in November will affect many areas of our everyday lives. Veterans are very concerned with America’s national defense and oppose any cuts to the greatest military force the world has ever known.
Another round of military base closings and/or realignment is on tap in 2014-15. The Pentagon says more closings are necessary to cut excess capacity and save money as the result of the nation’s debt now near 16 trillion dollars. Bases that will be affected by these military cuts include the following: Ft. Benning, Ga., Ft. Riley, Kan., Ft Sill, Okla., and our own Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo.
One candidate for President believes the prescription for America’s economic recovery is to make greater investments in education, science, and infrastructure while making drastic cuts to our military. The challenger vows to massively reduce spending without cutting the military budget. One candidate promises to cut our military by half a million servicemen; the other has plans to allow our military strength to increase by 100,000 servicemen.
It’s your choice on Nov. 6. The nation’s voters, including some 22 million veterans, will decide which man they want in the White House.

– Jim Rippy, Richmond
Ray County Veteran

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