Bond refinancing would keep Polo schools from deep cuts

To the Editor:

The Polo Board of Education would like to take a moment and provide some background information to our parents and patrons on an issue that will appear on this November’s ballot.
Education funding has been steadily decreasing for a number of years now. While the Polo School District has taken many prudent steps throughout this time, things have now reached a tipping point. The painful fact is that we cannot continue to maintain our current level of staffing, academic achievement, activities, and programs without some sort of fundamental change.
In seeking to find a creative solution to this problem, we examined our spending, funding, and debt structures in great detail. From this concentrated effort, we believe that we were able to form a creative solution that is truly a win for all concerned. We discovered that by shifting our short-term debt to a long-term set of bonds, we could free up the additional funds needed to maintain our staffing and programs without any increase in local taxes.
Therefore, this November we are asking our voters to approve the issue of a new set of bonds. These bonds will not increase local taxes. More importantly, the money from these bonds will pay off our current lease-purchase debt. This would free up over $175,000 per year in operating funds and would help offset the shortfall in State funding, allowing us to not only preserve what we have but also build toward meeting the new state mandates.
It is crucial that he Polo bond issue passes. Given the fact that passing this bond issue will protect our school and not increase taxes, we strongly urge everyone to please make the effort to come to the pools and vote yes. This is truly the best way forward as the alternatives are not very appealing. As always, we would be happy to answer any questions people may have.

– Sincerely, Allen Henry, board president; Shane Rardon, vice president; Ralph Zeikle, Max Hicks, Greg Misel, Chris Copeland and Keith Logan, members

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