Ray letter among mailbox bonanza

By Jack Hackley

Absolutely no one could have more interesting mail than I get. I get mail from all over the United States and apologize for sometimes not answering. If you do write me a letter, please include your phone number. Here is one from 91-year-old Mrs. Frances Castle from Pierce City thanking me for writing my column:  “Yes, I remember. Do you remember plowing the field, planting the seed, harvesting, thrashing, straw stacks, cows eating holes in it and tunneling through?”  She adds “What else do you remember? First TV, electricity, car, and etc.”
I recently received a letter from William B. Rosser, Holden. He sent me a matchbook with my picture on it from when I ran for State Representative in 1970 and says in part, “I am a great fan of your column. I found this matchbook in some of my late grandmother’s things and thought you might like to have it.” He went on to say his grandfather was William “The General” Rosser of General’s Inn fame. General’s Inn was a restaurant and nightclub located at 40 Highway and Noland Road in Independence.
The General was a character who I knew and could probably spend a year writing columns about. His grandson ends the letter by saying “Hope you like the matchbook as much as I enjoy your columns. You are one of the last of the old guys whose history I deeply respect.”
Every once in a while I get a very informative letter like the one from James Rippy, who is a Veterans Service Information Officer for the VFW. He writes, “I appreciate your recent write-up on Ike and enjoyed hearing about our “Friend of every Veteran”. If it were not for Ike’s help the affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) would have a very negative affect for Service Connected Disabled Veterans. As of now, any veteran with a Service Connected Disability or a very low-income veteran will not be affected by the new health care law and will not have to carry additional health insurance or pay a tax for failure to do so, all because of Ike.”

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