A sample of county history

A display in the courthouse lobby is attracting attention with its emphasis on politics and a mix of local, state and national memorabilia. (Photo by David Knopf/Richmond News)

County museum creates changing historical showcase at courthouse

 By David Knopf/Richmond News

Ray County residents and guests will still have to visit the county museum to enjoy the full seven-course meal of area historical artifacts and exhibits.

But since early August, a taste of the museum’s wealth of material has been available in a showcase in the lobby of the county courthouse.

Timed to coincide with Election Day, the current exhibit deals with politics – everything from presidential races to Jerry Litton, the popular Congressman who died in a 1976 plane crash, to Judge George Dunn to Forrest Smith, the Richmond man who became Missouri’s governor.

Linda Emley, manager of the museum, said the exhibits will change monthly and be geared to the time of year.

“We’re going to swap it out the first of every month,” said Emley, who also writes a twice-weekly history column for the newspaper. “Now it’s politicians. We put it up a week before the election.”

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