Pipe-cleaning work continues here

A crew from SAK Construction in O’Fallon sent up a plume of smoke at the corner of Camden and West North Main Street in Richmond earlier this month. SAK is using a process called CIPP – Cured-In-Place-Pipe – to reline sewer lines in Richmond. The process consists of injecting a substance into an existing line that creates a seamless, jointless lining for the pipe. The process eliminates the need to dig trenches and replace or repair leaking pipe. Ron Brohammer, who started using CIPP during his first stint as city administrator, said the work will probably be completed by next Tuesday or Wednesday. Richmond is paying SAK $168,000 to do the work. Work left includes rehabbing around 2,100 feet of pipe on Grandview, Sycamore, North Thornton, College and Wollard Boulevard.  “It is a great way to fix the lines as no one gets trenches in their yards, no driveways are cut, no trees or bushes are killed,” said Brohammer, who estimates between four and five miles of pipe will have been lined during his two terms as city administrator here.  “It is as effective as replacing lines with new pipe and will last as long as new plastic pipe.”

(Photo by David Knopf/Richmond News)

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