Departing Sunrise principal thankful for community’s support

To the Editor:

Four years ago, I was given an opportunity by Mr. Robins and the Richmond Board of Education to begin my administration career here in Richmond. I was a rookie, a physical education teacher and a coach, who had zero administrative experience.
The district took a chance on me, and I am very grateful and appreciative of that. My hope is that my time here had helped influence Sunrise students and teachers in a positive manner. I wish the best to the staff and student body of Sunrise Elementary.
Over the past four years I have learned many things from many great people. These things that I’ve learned will continue to be used throughout my career. I owe a great deal to my superiors and my colleauges for being so supportive of me throughout my time here in Richmond. To those people, I say thank you.
This community has also been great to me the past four years. The Sunrise PTO, the many community businesses, and many parents, have all been both physically and financially supportive of Sunrise throughout my tenure, and have made a lot of great things happen for the students.
The job of any administrator is impossible without the support of the community, and that’s something I didn’t have to be concerned with. For that, I’m very thankful.
Although I will be moving on to other districts, I will always have people in this community I call my friends and mentors in this district that I can always depend on to lend their ear for advice.
I will always be proud to have worked in the Richmond School District.
Thanks again for all your support throughout my tenure here in Richmond and I wish the district all the best in the future.

– Until we meet again, Justin L. Mefferd, Principal, Gladden Elementary Belton School District 124.

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