Curator’s talk highlight of busy week

By Jo Ellen Dale

Larry Brune has a new ride.  It is an oversize electric golf cart and he has promised some of the Wednesday Walkers a spin in it soon. I found an old safety belt for a golf cart given to my late husband as a joke by Bill Smith many years ago after Dick fell out of a cart in which they were riding when Bill cut a corner a little too short. Sad to say the seat belt was too short for Larry’s cart.
Linda Emley, curator of the Ray County Museum, gave a very interesting program at the regular meeting of Kiwanis May 22.  Linda writes the popular column for the Richmond News titled, “If Postcards Could Talk.” She focused primarily on the reenactment of the Civil War Battle of Albany to be held at the Fairgrounds on Oct. 24, 25 and 26, 2014 in remembrance of the 150th anniversary of the battle.
She mentioned that there is much  Civil War history in this area,  and talked about famous – or infamous – characters, such as Jesse James, “Bloody” Bill Anderson and others. She also pointed out that the museum runs largely on donations and some government funds and that it is operated by Ray County Historical Society.
Many Kiwanis members concluded we are fortunate to have the museum and even more so, the services of Linda as curator.  Guests present were an interclub group from Smithville and Kelly White, who was a guest of Brian Bush. Present also was past Lt. Gov. Diane Dickson, who gave a nice presentation about the MOARK project, “Eliminate.”
Pauline Masters spent several days with her daughter, son-in-law and grandson (Marilyn, Hank and Sean Hamann) as they prepared for the annual Todd Hamann Memorial Golf Tournament. Also visiting were their daughter, Jo Ann Whatley of Bolivar, their son, Ron, and Julie Masters and grandchildren Jill Masters, Laura Doherty and husband Brian, all of whom came from Houston to lend support. Everyone enjoyed a Mother’s Day brunch before heading home. Myra Hamann, Todd’s grandmother, and I had planned to go but were not able to attend.
Last Friday, Milton and Susie Rose entertained with a family luncheon for all who were here to attend the wedding of Sara Jones on Saturday. The menu was varied and plentiful, and as usual I ate my share and then some. Those present were Myra Hamann, Gary Deer and wife, Fredilyn, Jan Jorgensen, Dr. Lluis Planas and wife, Rose who stayed with me Thursday and Friday, and me.
Sara and Jeffrey Bauman were married in the Rose Garden  at Loose Park and the weather cooperated, although we were all given fans to fight the heat. Following the service, we all journeyed to Lenexa for the reception and dinner dance. Many of those in attendance spent the night at a nearby motel, but I went home with my son Chuck and stayed with him in Grain Valley. On Sunday, the bride’s parents hosted a sumptuous brunch at their home in Overland Park for the couple and both families. All in all it  was a wonderful occasion.
Over Memorial Day weekend, family of Bill and Bonnie Seward came to Richmond to celebrate Bonnie’s 80th birthday.  Those attending were Kathy, Bonnie’s sister, and her husband Jim Johnston from Kansas City, her daughter Bonita and husband Craig Miller of Liberty, daughter Altha Seward and her daughter, Adrienne of Sedalia and son William Tennis and Bill’s sister Marion. We would like to add good wishes for a Happy Birthday and many more.
Also in town over the holiday weekend were Robin Henson, and her daughter. They joined me in sharing lunch with Myra Hamann, who had been a close friend of Robin’s mother.  They have visited Richmond several times the past few years to keep in touch with Hamilton relatives. They left in the early afternoon Monday to begin their 12-hour drive home.
I am sure that there were many family gatherings and I look forward to hearing from you.
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