Seems the long arm of government’s everywhere, until you need something

By Jack Hackley

The good thing about Daylight Savings Time for me is the clock on the dash of my Ford 150 has the correct time again.
My hometown police force has found an obscure law (Section 302.291) that allows them to turn in a senior driver with a physical impediment, in my case, a pacemaker, to the Driver’s License Bureau in Jefferson City.
My letter from the license bureau required me to get a complete physical and eye exam within 30 days or turn in my driver’s license.
After meeting that requirement, I then received a registered letter asking me to take a written examination and a driver’s test within 30 days, which I did, and passed.
I might add, under considerable stress, because if I didn’t pass both tests, I would’ve had to turn in my driver’s license and call someone to come and get me.
About this same time, I received a letter from the Real Estate Commission requiring me to get fingerprinted or I would lose my real estate broker’s license.  I have been a broker since 1963 and never had to do this before.
I had to have an appointment, which wasn’t easy because all I got by calling the number was a recording.
The license cost $52. There are over 20,000 real estate salespersons and over 5,000 brokers in the state. There are several more thousand corporate and partnership licenses. I figure this is going to cost the real estate people in Missouri over $2 million.
When campaigning two years ago both my state representative and state senator said they were very conservative and that we had too many laws on the books.  They promised if elected to get government out of our lives.
I wrote them and explained what had happened to me and would they try to repeal these two laws. Guess what. I got no response.

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