New to the festival: Tennis ball drop with $1,000 prize

A new event has been added to this year’s Mushroom Festival activities and one lucky person could end up leaving with $1,000.

The tennis ball drop will take place at the Midland Carnival on Saturday, May 5. Participants may purchase a tennis ball for $10 each.

“For every paper tennis ball, we’ll have a real tennis ball that is numbered,” said Richmond Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Ellen Vandiver. “We will drop them all at once off the top of the slide at the carnival. There is a funnel at the bottom so only one ball will come out and the first one out wins $1,000.”

Vandiver said the tennis balls can be purchased from any chamber member or at chamber office, 104 W. North Main, from now until shortly before the drop at noon May 5. There will be 500 tennis balls available for purchase.

All proceeds from the drop go toward the Fourth of July Fireworks display.

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