Two kind acts bring cheer

To the editor:

In a day and age when we see and hear so much bad news, I would love to tell about two good things. My granddaughter plays in a competitive basketball league with the Richmond Riots, and in January we played a tournament at the Independence Sports Lodge.
They’d played their first game and had a short break. Jocelyn headed down a hall and found a “wad of money” on the floor. She took it straight to the information desk, across from the snack bar. She didn’t count it or take any, just turned it in.
I know her greatest reward is the honesty she showed. What ticks me off is she wasn’t thanked, and wasn’t asked asked her name or where she found the money, Nothing!
What’s even sadder is that no one at the Sports Lodge even knew the money had been turned in since it was the tournament sponsor who had an employee behind the counter. He accepted the money as lost and found from Jocelyn, but no one knows what happened to it. Ironic, isn’t it, that someone lost a pile of money on Jan. 28 and could’ve gotten it back.
Then on Feb. 11, Jocelyn’s mother was at Dollar General here in Richmond. She heard the clerk asking if anyone knew whose dog it was tied up in front of the store. It’d had been there a few hours and it was a very cold, windy Saturday.
Trina knew she didn’t want the dog to be tied up any longer, so she offered to take it home and try to find the owner. She left her name and number and told them she was the owner of House of Hair across the street if the owner showed up.
Everyone fell in love with the dog at home since she was well-behaved and sweet. On Sunday, she got a call from a man who lived nearby saying he thought it might be his dog. He said it wasn’t the first time kids had untied the dog and then tied it up somewhere else. He was woried, and thought she might be lost or frozen.
He had tears in his eyes when they were reunited, and was so thankful Trina had taken such good care of the dog.
I don’t know how I’m so fortunate to have such a good daughter and granddaughter. Thanks, girls, for doing the right thing.

– Jaeneen Adams,

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