Library benefactor Ray Gill donates revised copy of book

(The following letter is from Steve Meyer, director of Ray County Library. We’re reprinting it here as a letter to the editor so the community can be made aware of this development in Ray Gill’s long support for the library.)

Dear Editors:

Please find attached a scanned copy of the cover of Ray Gill’s recently revised book which is now available for check out here at the Ray County Library.  Ray has graciously donated this book to our library in an effort to share his story.
It is with great pride that we accept his story in book form to make available to all our patrons.
I am sure you realize that Ray and Lucille where $100,000 donors to our original library relocating/remodeling project,  which began back in 2003.
Ray again showed his support of the RCL when he became the first person to donate toward the payoff of the USDA loan earlier this year by pledging $1,000 toward that effort.

– Steve Meyer

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