Venerable rock band, Rainmakers, performs March 10 at the Farris

By Sara Seidel/For The Richmond News

Two formidable forces — a memorable rock band and an historic performance venue — will unite March 10 for an unforgettable musical event, when The Rainmakers come to the Farris Theatre for a stop on the band’s reunion tour.

The Rainmakers will take the stage at the Farris at 8 p.m. as part of the third Farris Concert Season.

Internationally famous in part for its pop hit “Let My People Go Go,” the band features Norborne native Bob Walkenhorst. After reuniting last year, the band sold out its New Year’s Eve show at the popular Kansas City venue Knuckleheads and is undertaking a seven-show tour in Norway before coming to the Farris.

The Rainmakers had been successful in Europe during the 1980’s, but Norway was the place “that became our second home,” Walkenhorst says. “Everything had just clicked there — good concerts, good support from critics and journalists, good radio play and lots of great concerts. So getting to tour Norway again was a great incentive for the reunion.”

Walkenhorst, who began his public singing career as a child in church in Norborne, says The Rainmakers took shape in 1983 as a three-piece bar band. Steve Phillips, Walkenhorst and Rich Ruth, then known as “Steve, Bob & Rich,” gained a reputation throughout the Midwest as “energetic, intense and fun.”

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