Some readers must love to hate

By Jack Hartley

Recently I did an article copying a critical letter sent to me by a person who would not sign his name. I had several responses to the column and published one letter written by a nice woman by the name of Judi Hale. I also published comments from the former Mayor of Oak Grove, John Humphrey.
Since then, I have received two more anonymous letters from this same person who is now also criticizing these two people. “What’s that with your old buddy the Mayor. Wasn’t that a bit strong? You don’t know me, he doesn’t know me.  I don’t give a fig if you know the President, my opinion still stands.”
About Judi he says, “I’m not spineless or am I bitter and whatever the good sister called me, and shame on her.  I say, she needs to go say a few ‘Hail Marys’. Oh, by the way sister, Jesus does see every spot because we are to be spotless.”
One thing about it, his last statement in the letter is, “See you in Friday’s paper.”
In response to the following letter, I have written “Jack Remembers” since 1997, and am approaching 750 articles.  They have never been compiled and I am not even sure we could find them all. We also now have a website,
Here’s the letter I’m referring to:
Hello Jack,
My husband and I both enjoy your weekly articles in The Concordian as we lived those same years (he is 75 and I am 72).  It’s one of the first things we look for in the paper and when it’s missing we are disappointed.  I’ve been saving a stack of papers with the intention of clipping all these articles out one day and putting them in a scrapbook, but I would rather buy a book if you would put all these in a book. Then I could buy your book, get you to autograph it and pitch the newspapers in the recycle bin.
Have you written any books with your life stories that you publish in newspapers? We’d like very much to have one.
– Thanks, Wanita and Archie Wayne Blumhorst, Slater

Jack can be reached at PO Box 40, Oak Grove, MO 64075, or, or visit

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