Bill defining an animal by its rights passes through committee

Last week, House Bill 1513, sponsored by Representative Ward Franz, Republican from West Plains, was voted “Do Pass” out of the House General Laws Committee by a vote of 10 for, 3 against.
House Bill 1513 would create provisions defining an animal by its rights.
“In light of current events such as the lawsuit brought by PETA against Sea World and the current ballot initiative Your Vote Counts in Missouri, I want to see this legislation move through the process as seamlessly and quickly as possible,” Franz said. “I am pleased by the nationwide response from this bill and how it has struck a chord with members of the agriculture community.”
During the Public Hearing on HB 1513 there were several witnesses in favor, including many agriculture-related organizations such as the Farm Bureau, Missouri Cattlemen’s, Pork and Corn Growers associations, and Missouri Federation of Animal Owners.
There was no one present to testify against the bill or to go on record for informational purposes.
“Our rights are being chipped away,” said Franz. “We must be proactive with measures like HB 1513 to help protect not only our rights as property owners, but to save agriculture — the number-one revenue producer in this state.”
House Bill 1513 states that an animal shall not have any right, privilege or legal status that is equal to or greater than any right, privilege or legal status of a human being. It also upholds laws that protect the welfare of animals in Missouri.

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