Be cautious before donating to Planet Aid

To the Editor:

Have you ever thought you were being taken advantage of but just couldn’t put your finger on just who or why? Let me say that I think we have in this community and surrounding communities.
If you are like me and you see a yellow clothes bin sitting on someone’s business or property and it says “Planet Aid,” you would assume it was a charitable organization to help people in need.
As I understand it from media investigations, this charity organization has many branches that shoot off in a lot of different directions and eventually end up in the pockets of a very rich man in another country.
I have been told and found out that Amdi Peterson has been made rich by Planet Aid. He is the Founder of International Humana People to People Movement and also controls Planet Aid.
We found that in 2005 they reported an income of $30 million. These containers are not associated in any way with our local Salvation Army, Ideal Industries recycling or any other clothes collecting service in our area.
Recycling is a wonderful thing to do, but be careful these bins may not be what you think they are. I invite you to check for yourself on the web! There’s a FOX 5 investigation from Washington, D.C. that aired in November (, as well as this investigation site:
The phone number in Kansas City o call is 816-472-1518; you can also e-mail:
To help the local needy, I encourage you to drop off your unneeded clothes at the Salvation Army in Richmond, Ideal Industries Inc. and local veterans organizations.
Salvation Army & Ideal Industries are now working together and proud to help the community in any way we can.

– Bob McCorkendale
Ideal Industries
– Jerry McCarter
Kiwanis Club

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