Parking situation frustrates owner

To the Editor:
I own the building in Richmond located at 108 Wollard Blvd. and run a machine quilting business out of the north end of the building. I recently leased the other end of the building to another business that does training. I’ve had problems two nights a week with the dance studio customers parking in my lot. Granted, I’m not open during the times that this occurs, but the parking lot is private property and has signs up informing people that unauthorized vehicles will be towed. It would not be so bad except there are about 30 cars that park in my little lot that is only large enough for about seven cars.
I’ve tried several times to fix this situation, but have not been very successful. I think the problem is that people just don’t realize just how rude this is and the impact that it has on someone’s property and in this case, my business. Maybe the following scenario will help people understand what I’m dealing with.
Suppose you had a neighbor that threw a party two nights a week and invited 30 people. These people parked in your driveway, on your lawn, all over the place because your neighbor didn’t have a big enough place for everyone to park. It was so bad that you could not park in your own driveway or leave your own property because of it. For years this has been going on, but because you worked nights you were not home to deal with it. Occassionally, you were home on the nights this was happening and tried to fix the problem. You tried talking to your neighbor and asked them to tell people not to park in on your property.  You told everyone you knew that this was a problem, hoping word would get out to the party-goers not to park in your driveway.
You even had one night where you were sick and wanted to get out to the doctor, but couldn’t leave because you were blocked in.  As a result, you went to the party, screaming and yelling to have people move their cars. Instead of anyone getting a clue that this was a problem, you were viewed as the mean neighbor who needed to lighten up about the parking. Would you like to be in that situation?
To anyone who have kids that take dance lessons on Wollard Boulevard,  please be aware that the quilt shop lot is not public parking. I have only seven spots in front of my building, but the dance studio has 17. All I am asking for is some common courtesy from folks to not park in my lot unless you are doing business with me or X-Ring Training Center.
My new tenant at the shop has started to “police” the parking situation at my shop on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. He is hoping to start having classes there on those nights, but unless his customers have somewhere to park, it’s not possible. Recently, one lady who he politely told not to park in my parking lot called him a few names and even flipped him off. Nice, huh? We don’t want to start having cars towed, but it looks like we might not have a choice.
So,if you know of anyone who does this, please just pass along that it’s rude and would be appreciated if they wouldn’t do that. I’ve tried to be nice about this, but now it’s affecting my business.

– Thank you, Laurel Kindley
owner, All About Quilting

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