Don’t confuse CEOs with job creation

To the Editor:

We love to discuss tax cuts. What amazes me is the drum beating for tax cuts primarily for the wealthy. The wealthy individuals, with their big salaries and bonuses do NOT create jobs and do not need extra money. The corporations they head create the jobs, with the money left over after paying their multi-million dollar salaries. These executives are so busy being greedy for themselves, they do not even bother asking for tax cuts for their companies which could produce jobs and boost the economy with extra money. They are satisfied being anti-American, getting richer by just shipping jobs overseas. By the way, who is going to buy their companies’ products – Chinese who earn $1/hour?
Of course, they have no interest in the current payroll tax cuts being discussed. This will primarily help the middle class and working poor have extra money to buy their companies’ products and stimulate the U.S. economy rather than China’s. Does that make sense? If not, I suggest contacting your congressman.

– Martin J. Walsh, Glendale

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