Districts deny any plan to take Stet map to state

By JoEllen Black/Richmond News

Two area school superintendents and their board presidents say their districts have not been critical of Stet’s annexation boundary map, nor have they considered state arbitration.

Formal letters were sent to the Richmond News by Braymer Superintendent Don Regan and Board President Ronda Prewitt, and by Norborne Superintendent Doug Carpenter and Board President Martin Brooke. The letters used identical language, stating their boards have “not expressed any dissatisfaction with the Stet boundary map” and have “not considered or discussed asking for an audience with the state arbitration board.”

The letters also say Norborne nor Braymer would “in no way seek to prevent the Stet community’s voice to be heard.”

Arbitration would have taken Stet’s decision out of the hands of its voters. A two-member panel of retired or acting superintendents would have determined the annexation boundary map with the input from residents, board members and other affected school districts.

Stet School Board held an emergency session Jan. 5 when board members believed Norborne and Braymer might be contemplating a move for state arbitration.

The Stet district received word Friday afternoon from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s legal counsel to proceed with its district vote on April 3. A simple majority of registered voters from the Stet district would be needed to pass the measure. In Monday’s paper, it was incorrectly stated the vote also includes landowners.


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