Rabbit Tracks: In Florida, go big or go home

I read in the News about the collision with a deer. Back in the 1960s, I was travelling on the Pennsylvania Turnpike when I hit a deer. At that time, it was the busiest freeway in America. I just grazed its rear leg and I saw it run into the woods.
A few years ago, I was driving on a road crossing the Everglades in south Florida when I saw something in the middle of the road. I slowed down and saw that it was a full- grown black bear. I don’t know who hit it, but it must have been a jarring experience. About 20 miles further down the road, I again saw something in the middle of the road.This time it was a dead alligator about six feet long. Road kill in Florida is “Super-Sized”.
– Have a Merry Christmas, Bob Smith, RHS Class of ‘57

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