A week of Thanksgiving plenty: Time for family and holiday dinners

By Jo Ellen Dale

At the regular meeting of the Richmond Kiwanis Club at the 19th Hole restaurant Don Kerin of Photography by Donn gave a very interesting program on how he got into photography after getting a degree in music education.
His first job in photography required traveling back and forth across the country but that soon became tiresome because of the time spent away from home. He has owned his own company in Richmond since 1979.  The biggest change he has seen in the industry is when it went digital.  He then opened the floor for questions. Next week, Rev. John Johnson will give the program on Thanksgiving of the Past.  Visitors are always welcome.
The God Squad will present its version of the old HeeHaw show on Friday, Dec. 16 at the Eagleton Center during the fund raiser Chili Supper. Tickets will be available soon and more information will be forthcoming. This event is to raise money for the senior center.
The Wednesday Walkers Breakfast club met on Nov. 23 at Our Place. We were all happy to see that Scott has recovered from breaking an arm and was back to serve us.  Members present were Peggy Sullard, Myra Hamann, Thelma Farmer, Peggy Sturgeon, Alice Neely, Joanne Hertzig and I.
Thanksgiving Day my son Chuck and I traveled to St. Louis for dinner with my daughter-in-law’s family including two of my grandsons, Chris and Jeff. Grandson Matt and his family were all in Florida for the holidays. However, he sent a text message with a picture of his 3-month-old and family enjoying sunning on the beach. Our weather was unbelievably good and the dinner served to about 40 people impossible to resist. We can diet later.
On Friday as Chuck and I started back west, we stopped to have lunch at our favorite barbecue place near the Chesterfield airport. This has become something of a tradition.  This year we met two of my late son’s close friends, Tom Dunham from St. Louis and Mark Slag and his son Matt from Florida and grandson Jeff, who was on his way to Kansas City for the MU game
As is our custom, an obliging gentleman took a photo of all of us surrounding the huge pig in front of the restaurant.  Again, the weather was perfect.  On the way to lunch we stopped at a shopping mall and found that fighting the crowd to buy anything would take all day so we decided to wait until after the rush.
On Saturday came the deluge. As I look out my window it is still coming down, and I hope the people at the game all brought ponchos or other waterproof garb. It is also colder, which makes us feel more like Christmas is coming. Another safety tip, I saw at least two cars with windshield wipers going but no lights. Turn them on please; it is the law.
News is coming in about your Thanksgiving celebrations. On Thanksgiving Day, Bonnie Pointer McCalley along with Erik Pointer and Elise Pointer joined the rest of the Beary family in Kansas City.  This was  the 53rd Thanksgiving day that the family has celebrated together.  Seventy-two people attended, all descendants of the families of the seven daughters of Rosa and R.C. Beary.
Yea Tigers!!  My grandson Jeff attended the game and reported that there was no significant rainfall.  After a discouraging first half, the MU team and its quarterback came to life. It is sad that this may be the last game in a 120-year old rivalry.
Mr. & Mrs. Levan Thurman of Richmond and son Bruce of Kansas City, MO enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Kevin (Lynne) Murray of Leawood, Kan. Other guests were Mrs. Paul (Claire) Osland of Minneapolis, Minn., and Ann Hubell and her friend, Nick Deifenback, of Columbia. On Saturday they all atttended memorial services for Mr. Murray’s mother in Lawrence, Kan.
Don and Cherie Smith had a great time on their four-day trip to Cary, N.C. the weekend before Thanksgiving. The main event was meeting and getting acquainted with 2-month-old Isaac, the first grandson. They also helped celebrate Lindsay’s (Isaac’s mother and Rev. Smith’s youngest daughter) birthday. The weather was beautiful and the traveling smooth, but Isaac was the biggest hit.
Mr. & Mrs. Erik Pointer of Lexington entertained with a Thanksgiving dinner last Saturday in their home. Bonnie Pointer McCalley and Elise Pointer of Richmond were guests. Other guests were Shannon Ingram and daughter Taegan and John Ingram of Kansas City, Meredith Pointer and son Noah of  Independence, Charles Penzon of Grain Valley and Jason Ballew of Lexington.
Abigail Day, the granddaughter of Tom and Kathryn Adams was in the production of “You’re a Good ,Man Charlie Brown” on Nov. 16-19 in Kansas City. She played the part of Lucy.
The production was presented by the Act 1 Ministry of the Harmony Vineyard Church. Act 1 allows any young person in the area to try out for the plays it puts on twice a year, in addition to summer camps.  Abigail is the daughter of Julie and Doug Day of Liberty.
I hope that all of you had as pleasant and happy Thanksgiving as this week’s writers and I did. I look forward to hearing from more of you.

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