5271-Notice-C.O.R. – Mowing

5271-Notice-C.O.R. – Mowing


The property to be mowed and trimmed is the property owned by the City of Richmond, Missouri, under the care and direction of the Richmond Park Board and consists of approximately 50 acres.

Each facility must be mowed and trimmed once weekly, with an emphasis on mowing toward the latter part of the week.  Mowing must be completed by Friday of each week, weather permitting.  Contractor is to provide all mowing equipment and trimming devices.  Maintenance of all mowing equipment is at the expense of the Contractor.  All personnel are to be provided by the Contractor.  All personnel are to be provided by the Contractor at the Contractor’s expense.  Mowing is to be no longer than three (3) inches and no shorter than two (2) inches.

Contractor will provide adequate insurance for liability and property damage and show the Richmond Park Board and the City of Richmond, Missouri as additional insured in the policy.

This contract is for the period between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012.  Mowing season April 1, 2012 to October 31, 2012.  Approximately 30 mowings.

All weed eating and trimming shall be done on day of mowing.  Contractor my spray chain link fence with weed-killer, but no more than 6” on either side of fence.  All sidewalk and shelters shall be blown off after mowing and trimming.

Questions should be referred to:  Terry Dickey, Richmond Parks Superintendent, 816-726-1679.  For a complete list of properties, you may contact the City Clerk.  Bids may be e-mailed to, hand-delivered, mailed, and faxed to 816-776-8216 or delivered via courier service to the address above.  Bids will be opened at that time. Bid closing date is January 5, 2012 at Noon.  Bid opening will occur at 2:00 p.m. on January 5 in the City Clerk’s Office.  The successful bidder will be notified on or after January 10, 2012.

Published: Richmond News: December 15 & 19, 2011

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