With voters’ passage of street tax, city can continue moving forward

To the Editor:

On behalf of the city of Richmond I want to express my sincere appreciation to the citizens for their support for the Half-Cent Sales Tax. I know that no one likes taxes and yet taxes are the primary fuel for the activities the city staff completes on your behalf.
This particular tax (1/2 cent) generates approximately $450,000 per year and is dedicated to street improvements, including storm water abatement that is related to streets and is spent to prevent street flooding, street damage etc.
Without this money we would be unable to upgrade or resurface any city streets – we could only attempt to repair potholes and keep drainage areas open.
I also want to thank those individuals and organizations that expended time, effort, energy and resources in informing the public of the need for and importance of this tax. I firmly believe that keeping people informed of the “what and why”of such issues is the key to success.
We are all in this together and if we aren’t moving forward, then we are in fact moving backward.  Again, thanks to everyone who voted, either yes or no. Your voice and your vote are important.

– Ron Brohammer
City administrator

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