Where’s the help, respect for the disabled, elderly?

To the Editor:

I judge a town by how it treats the disabled and vulnerable. I wouldn’t give this town a high score. There are no organizations to help people with yard work or fixing up their homes.
I have been told there are 200 vacant homes in town. Most will probably be abandoned. We need a Habitat for Humanity or a Christmas in October like Kansas City has.
The elderly and disabled are scared to own a home, mostly because they may be cited for code violations, mostly petty things.
I discussed all these concerns with a minister in town. He said, “You mean, we wouldn’t get paid for this?” he said. I couldn’t believe he said that.
There has been scarce response from the city council. I wrote letters to all of them. This is sad. We voted for these people to represent the citizens. Instead, it has been business as usual.
I have heard a lot of negative comments from former citizens, and their reasons for moving away from this town are similar.
When are they going to get it? People are not going to stand being abused, especially the elderly and disabled. This should be a crime.
What ever happened to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

– Rita May, Richmond

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