Farris Youth Theatre to perform Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast, Jr.’ this weekend

The Silly Girls – Jenny Corwin, Alexis Rice, Sarah Grace Chandler

The Farris Youth Theatre Company will perform the Disney
version of “Beauty and the Beast” – it’s “Beauty and the
Beast, Jr.” – this weekend at the Farris Theatre.
Shows are scheduled at 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday,
and a matinee at 2 p.m. Sunday.
Based on a book by Linda Woolverton, the Disney version
of the classic fairy tale is the story of Belle looking to
escape both her provincial life and her would-be suitor Gaston,
who is especially vain..
Belle, played by Kylie Phipps, winds up in a castle with
the Beast/Prince, portrayed by Niall Sause. There she learns
that appearances are deceiving, especially where the Beast
is concerned.
The Cast – Narrators, Sydney Hosman, Elizabeth Ethetton;
Prince/Beast, Niall Sause; Old Woman/Enchantress, Emily Harris;
Belle, Kylie Phipps; Gaston, Matt Vaughan; Lefou, Jared Richards;
Silly Girls, Jenny Corwin, Alexis Rice, Sarah Grace Chandler; Maurice,
Colton Baker; Cogsworth, Adam Goodman; Lumiere, Lydia
Donaldson; Babette, Mikayla Green; Mrs. Potts, Isabelle Rogers;
Chip, Maggie Sause; Madame de la Grande Bouche, Kaelyn
Coldwell; Monsieur D’Arque, Michael Schladweiler; Villagers and
Flatware: Aristocratic Lady, Emma Daniels; Fish Man, Kaylee Sharon;
Egg Man, Abby Vandiver; Sausage Curl Girl, Lexi Roberson;
Baker, Callie Anderson; Lady with Cane, Kaela Anderson; Lady
with Baby, Sydney Hosman; Candle Man, Serenity Calkins; Hat
Seller, Kali Watts; Milkmaid, Autumn Fisk; Shepherd Boy, Emily
Hendricks; Bookseller, Elizabeth Ethetton; Kaitlyn Bayens, Rori
Schladweiler, Taylor Coffer, Samantha Roberson, Katelyn Smith,
Taylor Smith.
Tech Crew – Director, Sandy Cazzell; Assistant Director, Rayne
Ethetton; Music Director, Sandy Cazzell; Set Designer, Mac Rogers,;
Costume Designer, Shari Donaldson, Glory Daniel; Props
Mistress, Abbie Donaldson; Hair and Makeup, Katie Dawes; Lighting,
Jonathan Hooks, Logan Watts; Sound, Sean Sause, Shelby
Downs; Stage Manager, Jonathan Daniel; Stage Crew, Emily Harris,
Kyra Lathrop, Avery Thompson, Skylee Rovito.

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