Confucious say: He who signs name to nasty letter finds way to get rid of tractor tires

By Jack Hackley

I received dozens of comments and letters in reference to the person who wouldn’t sign their name to a letter critical of my article. Betty Spaar, publisher of The Odessan and The Focus of Oak Grove newspapers, a friend and mentor who has written thousands of editorials in her over 50-year career, was furious when she read the letter. She has a few choice words for people who won’t sign their name, and has a drawer full of such letters. The former mayor of Oak Grove, John Humphrey, wrote me the following letter:
Jack, after reading your article dated Sept. 29, I applaud you for letting your readers read the comments from the spineless person who didn’t have enough backbone to sign their name. People like that are obviously discombobulated and show their level of intelligence. If anyone has anything to write, be it good or bad, why not sign your name?
Over the years all of us at one time or another heard someone trying to make a point, refers to he said, she said, they said, when asking that person who they are, most can’t. The bottom line is their opinion doesn’t matter in the first place.
Jack, remember when someone is trying to stab you in the back only means you’re still out front.
Keep up the good work.
– Sincerely, John Humphrey
Oak Grove
I received several suggestions on how to get rid of the tractor tires. The following from Debi Hurley wins the $50 prize with the very simple suggestion as follows:
“I saw the article about the tractor tires … and this is just a suggestion that I’ve seem work so I thought I’d mention it. Post them…for free …on Craigslist. A lot of people love these for kids sandboxes and for flower borders.  I’ve seen ads LOOKING for them even here recently. Good luck!”
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