#5238-Notice-Ray County

5238-Notice-Ray County



The Ray County will hold a public hearing on Thursday, November 9, 2011 at 9:00 AM at the Ray County Courthouse, to discuss the County’s submission of an application for fiscal year 2011 CDBG Flood Recovery Application Program.

The County is interested in obtaining all citizens’ input on community development needs within the County. As part of the hearing process citizens will be asked to verbally assist in the completion of a CDBG Needs Assessment document. The document will detail what the residents feel are the strengths and weaknesses of the community. The County needs as much local participation as possible in order to reflect the true desires of the community as a whole, as well as the comments relating to the proposed project application.

Activities that are eligible for CDBG funding includes activities related to restoring businesses to operation and full employment; activities related to restoring communities to operation; and activities related to assisting individuals and homeowners displaced as a result of the disasters. No displacement of persons will be proposed.

The County is proposing to cause drainage improvements along Keeney Creek from Fleming Road south to mouth of Keeney Creek at Fishing River.

The total project cost is estimated at $411,000. The County proposes to use $10,000 from County Revenues with CDBG grant funds of $400,000 needed to make up the balance. The project if funded will benefit 53.7% low/moderate income persons. All citizens, including those in the targeted area, are encouraged to attend in order to comment on the proposed activities.

For more information on the proposed project, contact Bob King, Presiding Commissioner at 816-776-4507.


Published:  Richmond News: November 3, 2011

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