Wilson Blvd. drainage project nears completion

The city’s heavy equipment sat idle recently after work was completed on an underground drainage system between Wilson Boulevard and Garner Street. The city will place a drainage pipe beneath Wilson to complete a system that is designed to funnel runoff from Woodland Cemetery. (Photo by David Knopf/Richmond News)

By David Knopf/Richmond News

A project to collect runoff from a cemetery hill west of Wilson Boulevard lacks only a drainage pipe beneath Wilson, seeding and final touches to be completed, City Administrator Ron Brohammer said Tuesday.

City public works crews have already placed a drainage pipe under Garner Street at the east end of the project, as a pipe connecting Garner and Wilson. In addition, city workers installed a series of inlets to collect water that previously created a gully behind houses on McKinley and Darneal streets.

The drainage issue has long been a nuisance for both homeowners, who lost some of their backyards, and the city, which heard their complaints. Runoff from the Woodland Cemetery hill previously collected on Wilson, ran unchecked behind homes on either side of the ditch and flowed down the eastward slope on McKinley and Darneal to collect on Garner.

Brohammer has been an enthusiastic supporter of the project and on Tuesday praised Public Works Director Bob Duncan for designing it, and the public works department for doing the work. The city purchased tubing and other material for the improvements, but reduced the total cost by furnishing the labor.

“It looks like we’re in the neighborhood of $35,000 to $40,000 and will probably wind up around $50,000, with all the work done in-house, which is a good thing,” Brohammer told the city council at Tuesday’s meeting.


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